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genealogy-note noa ady Ruthy Lary

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June, 09
Noa got an Honors MA degree from the Federmann School of Public Policy and Government at the Hebrew University.

Sep 5, 08
Come to celebrate with us the wedding of Noa and Ram on Sep 24, 2008

Jan 15, 08
Noa started working for: Reut Institute
We wish her success.
Dec 9, 06
Tomorrow Noa is going to start working at: JDC
We wish her success.
Aug 15,06
The war in Lebanon is about to end.
I hate wars. I was a soldier in about 3 of them.
It is like people setting an argument by fighting instead of talking and reaching a solution.
It is so trivial.
The war leaves behind so much sorrow and loss.
We had Elad Fast and Ran Sofer engaged in the war Yoed and Pnina were on duty in the rear. Of course the families and we had a hard time.
Fortunately all are unhurt.
On passover (April 2006) Ady came for a homeland vacation for three weeks. We all enjoyed it very much. here are some pictures

Noa finished her duties for the first degree in summer 2005. Now she is studying for the second degree in public policy

שמואל פסט 2.7.1919 - 4.5.2004 Shmuel Fast

בספטמבר 2003 נועה ראיינה את שמואל לעבודה סמינריונית על זיכרון בהקשר לפרשת קסטנר.
העבודה מוקדשת לזכרו של שמואל.

this (2003) summer we went to visit Ady in Toronto. Here are some pictures

(1.11.2002) Ady is starting a four year Phd program at the computer sciense department, University of Toronto.

(17.10.2002) Ady has submitted his Msc thesis.

(13.10.2002) Noa is starting her second year in the university

יהודה פסט 21.1.1921 - 8.3.2002 Juda Fast
כי דור הולך ודור בא,
אך העץ לעולם זקוף ועומד,
שולח הוא פורות ובני פורות
וממשיך ללבלב...

(10.2001) Noa started her studies at the Hebrew University Jerusalem Israel. No is learning Philosophy, Politics and economics. She also attends the Amirim program.

(20.7.2001)A new son Elad was born to Pnina and Uri Fast. Mazal Tov.

Now you can see Noa's trail on the map. look in the menu.

(6.6.2001) Noa started a long trip to China and the far east.
We wish here good time.

This site has been established on 20.5.2001
It will be under construction...