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Tomorrow I go with Ruti on the train to Emishan - it's another holly mountain and supposed to be very touristy so I don't know if will make it to the top or just continue from there to Leshan - where is the biggest sitting budha in the world. Then we'll start the "back door" to Yunan province, which supposed to be a very beautiful road similar to the views of Tibet (kind of compensation). Here goes: from Leshan we'll go through Ya'an to Kangding --> we think of going to a place called Moxi where's a glacier / iceberg --> Litang --> spend a night in Xiangcheng (can't do it all in one time), the English guy in our room said there's a beautiful natural reserve in the area but I don't think we'll make it --> Zhongdian --> we'll probably do directly from there the "tiger leaping gorge" - the most famous (and not dangerous) trek in China --> finally we'll get to Lijiang - a real city !