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DC2hPDF is a program that creates a PDF file of all your drawings in a VBDC project.
The unique feature is the addition of hierarchical bookmarks for navigation.
Now you also get an extra sheet with the navigation information and sheet numbers so that in case that you print the pdf file, you will easily know that the cpu is on sheet 7 out of 77 of the autogenerated numbers...
You can see an example here.(104Kb pdf)
I recommend setting the view in acrobat reader to "single page"
Acrobat reader 7+ has a search feature that improves the textual search in the whole design tree.
Current version is 1.3.6 date: Feb 25 2010
Please leave your comments in the guestbook .
A presentation and paper from u2u2005 have been posted in .pdf format on the Mentor Graphics User Group (MUG ) website at
This version was tested on win2000 and XP, 2004, 2005EXP and 2007
There is a change in the program arguments vs. previous (1.1) versions. Download the new version and documentation.
It is free is a perl script that extracts estimated area and height from exported cell-hkp files. Download.
Its free